Zero Degrees

“No secrets. No lies. From truth will come victory.”
- Anonymous

Affiliation: Freelance
Motto: Lux et veritas.
Ranks: None, save the Legion.
Nicknames: Seekers, Hackers.
Epithet: Virgins.

Hacktivists. Terrorists. Snoops. Heroes.

All sides of the same coin, really.

Zero Degrees is a hacker group which seeks to free humanity from the chains of itself through freedom of information. Where they differ from other such organizations, such as the Power of Babel, is their type of information. Putting their Savior skills to use getting government and corporate secrets is their game, and breaking down every single digital obstacle in their way is their game.

Responsible for many significant leaks over the past 10 or so years, Zero Degrees has caused plenty of governments more consternation than they would care to admit and more trouble than they would like. They were responsible for the Shadowland study results of 2005 being released to the general public, resulting in a widespread public outcry for ban on further studies of potentially using the Shadowlands as an energy source or weapon.

Since then, they have kept a relatively low profile, at least in the real world. They occasionally release videos, and it is difficult to tell how many of them really are Saviors and how many of them aren’t. Anyone can be anyone in front of a computer, and they’re good at that. Their skills are formidable, their presence is significant, and their impact can be lasting.

Zero Degrees

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