The Power Of Babel

“People are temporary. A good book lasts forever – and if this fight continues, we’ll need as many books as we can get.”
- Tarissa Rysand, Librarian

Affiliation: Freelance
Motto: Knowledge is power.
Ranks: None, save the head Archivists.
Nicknames: Librarians, Bookkeepers, Archivists.
Epithet: Bookworms.

All warfare is based on deception. The Librarians want to make sure that they are the ones never fooled.

No war can be won by guns and swords alone – it requires a keen mind and vast knowledge of history to know what to expect and what rules you can break. The Power Of Babel focuses on those aspects, gathering as much information as they can about themselves, their targets, and the world at large.

Saviors in the Power of Babel are known most often as Librarians, and their trade is information. The Power of Babel is the largest and most complete information network on Saviors in the entire world, and all of it is available online for free and public access. The Librarians know that knowledge is power, and the more that are empowered, the easier this prolonged fight will be.

In their own time, they scour the earth for new pieces of information, sometimes taking exploratory journeys into the Shadowlands at great risk to themselves and others. The head Archivists are responsible for managing and editing this information accordingly, uploading it to the SaviorWiki whenever the opportunity arises. Unafraid of governments across the world, the SaviorWiki uploads anything it gets, including private or classified intelligence from officials or companies. Very few Librarians seek out this kind of guarded info, but many of them obtain it through others, such as allied Seekers.

Their ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive and complete record of the entirety of Savior history, from the first Spark to the final one, if there is a final one.

The Power Of Babel

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