The Spark is an extremely important moment in the life of a Savior – the moment when they fully come into their potential and can start their new journey as one of the paragons of humanity.

A Spark is always a single, decisive action in the life of a normal human, but this does not tie it down to a situation that is short-lived – it could be the turning point of a prolonged fight, the culmination of a week-long training exercise, the last few seconds of an hour-long chase of a dangerous convict, or any other event.

No two Sparks are always the same, but all of those who do Spark share a common feeling about it: they say that, if they had not stepped in and acted, they feel as though they would not have been able to live with themselves. A Spark always reaffirms the beliefs and values of the new Savior, reinforcing their ideals and sense of self. They Spark while standing up for something they believe in, unable to sit back and let it go any more.

In a flash, they are bathed in a pure, white light. When the light fades, they stand there, clad in new clothes and possessing powerful abilities that they have an innate understanding of. Their physical appearance can and almost always does shift as well. From this moment on, they are no longer an ordinary human – they are an extraordinary Savior.


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