“What do you mean, we take the easy way out? You don’t get it. This isn’t what we want to do – it’s what we have to do”
- Jack Entine, Soulbound Shade.

Affiliation: Freelance
Motto: We do what you won’t.
Ranks: Shades → Shadows → Dark Knights
Nicknames: Torn, Darkened, Shadows.
Epithet: Traitors, Infected, Lost.

Someone has to be the bad guy, and more often than not, the Soulbound take the rap.

Every corporation except Green Dreams has distanced themselves from the Soulbound, and most of the other Freelance groups have done the same. The Dreamseekers left such a stain on the world that anything even related to them is shunned and feared with as much…well, shun and fear as possible. 99% of the world wouldn’t even begin to consider having anything to do with them.

For those that do, the stakes are high, and the reason is different.

The Soulbound are all united by a unique scenario: their Spark involved a loss. A loss of someone dear or someone close showed them that though the world was saved and the Saviors of the world are protecting it, it will never truly be safe unless they can somehow completely and utterly eradicate the darkness of the Shadowlands and Dreamseekers from the face of the earth. In the moment that the Light first blazed within them, they swore to protect all that they had left – and to protect their beloveds, there is no better way than to masquerade as those that hunt them.

To defeat your enemy, you must become your enemy.

Each Soulbound knows other Soulbound, and how to contact them. The first among them established a hidden order, connected at first through phones and letters, now through message boards and forums and email lists and phone apps. They study. They learn. They share hidden secrets. And they don’t let anyone else in who would betray them. Their methods are closely guarded and not known.

The Soulbound know that someone has to do the dirty work of the Saviors. Someone has to cross the line, someone has to take the dive into the darkness and come back with what they need, someone has to go too far in order for the rest of the world to be safe. It is this monumental task that the Soulbound perform – the burden of doing what others will not.

The other organizations and companies shun them publicly, but privately, they need them. When exploring a Scar must be done, they know that only the Soulbound can open it into a Wound. When a Dreamweaver has been captured, they know that the Soulbound can understand the power it wields and use it against it. When dirty work must happen, when someone has to take a dive to the Shadowlands and resist the corruption there, they find the Tainted. They find the Lost.

They find a Soulbound.


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