A Savior is the widely accepted term for a human who has awakened the Light of Hope within them. They start out relatively small in terms of power, usually as capable as a relatively capable human, but their supernatural abilities push them over the edge.

They are, at very high levels of skill and experience, able to become akin to mortal gods, wielding incredible amounts of magic and powerful abilities. A Savior in her Aflame state is not a mortal being so much as a being of pure magic housed inside of a mortal body and shell.

When not Aflame, Saviors are ordinary human beings, with all the diversity that implies. The Light of Hope does not discriminate based on size, shape, race, class, political leanings, or any known factor. They live (and sometimes work) among normal human beings, blending into the crowds and cities in all areas of the world.

An Aflame Savior is one who has ‘transformed’ into her magical being state. Their physical appearance is now an “idealized” image of their own selves, and it can look completely different from their normal self. Hair color, eye color, skin color, height, weight, proportions, musculature, stance, posture, facial features, skeleton structure, sex of the body, anything and everything is possible to be different.

Connecting a Savior to their mundane appearance is impossible unless the witness has viewed the Savior becoming Aflame. Even with Saviors that look nearly identical to their mundane appearance, positive identification is impossible. The exact cause of this is unknown, but it is theorized to be a low-level psychic effect that effectively muddles the senses and memories of viewers. Even a side-by-side comparison with pictures of the Savior and the mundane person will not produce a fully positive connection – even the very picture of a Savior carries the psychic effect.


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