Royal Suits

The unofficial name for the companies that dominate the Savior industrial complex.

The advantages of joining a company are obvious: financial support, legal defense, backup when and where you need it, and plenty of company. There are those, though, who feel that having to be beholden to the ideas of a company and not their own ideas can cause a conflict of interest in critical moments.

For all that the critics claim, though, there are many Saviors who will readily join a company. It sure as hell beats living on the street, and for that time when a car gets damaged or an innocent bystander gets hurt, having a crack legal team is incredibly useful.

They are, in no particular order:

Savior’s Grace – A multi-national investment firm, dedicated to the purpose of Savior support. They were the first, and some would say, they’re the best. Featuring a wide range of support levels and licensing deals, they take a very traditional and complete mindset about the entire deal, treating their Saviors like famous movie stars.
Noblesse Oblige – A news media corporation that sprung to the forefront during and after the Dreamseeker invasion. Following the initial Sparks, they were the first to do full-scale reports on the Saviors. They have since made a concentrated effort to stay on top and encourage community support for them, playing up an angle to get them positive public opinion. They tend to be first on the scene when a Savior-related story breaks, and their Savior division members are expected to double as newscasters or journalists.
Diamond Minds – A major manufacturing company that makes all kinds of products around the world. Their claim to fame in Savior lore is Artifacts, as they are the leading creator of the magical trinkets. Their own Saviors are exceptionally well-equipped, and even Saviors from rival companies use their products.
Green Dreams – A privately-funded research and development think tank dedicated to finding alternative energy sources, Green Dreams has produced several successful designs and patents. They have entered the Savior funding business as part of a way to raise awareness for the environment and to raise more money for their charity works.
Aces and Eights – A famous and very successful toy and entertainment company, they developed a new division that is devoted to Savior activities to boost their public profile and launch new toy lines. They are the most prolific when it comes to licensing, having created anything and everything from anime to popsicles to condoms to toothpaste tubes, all of it featuring their Saviors.
Radiance Within – A modeling and fashion agency that decided to take their Savior-inspired fashions a step farther and incorporate actual Saviors as models. They have the reputation of being fiercely competitive and self-centered, firmly believing that they are the best of the best. Unfortunately, their results are less than stellar, but their PR department does a truly staggering amount of spin work.
Deep Tracks – A private military contractor that has decided to expand into some supernatural work. Their dogged and persistent efforts at securing Saviors to work for them has paid off, though their attitude towards a problem involving the Shadowlands seems to be excessively violent. Many Saviors who join with them do so knowing that most of the time, their assignments will be bloody and dangerous, and a disciplined military attitude is expected.

Royal Suits

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