Ring Coalition

“We speak for the trees, and they are pissed.”
- Morena, Ringer

Affiliation: Freelance
Motto: Earth is sick. We’re the cure.
Ranks: None.
Nicknames: Amazons, Druids, Ringers.
Epithet: Tree Huggers, Hippies.

If the Lorax had superpowers, he might be in this organization.

The Ring Coalition has, like many other freelance groups, very little official organization. It maintains a website, but functions similarly to Zero Degrees in that it is primarily an underground group, with membership being extended to you as opposed to simply joining it. A few have regarded it as an eco-terrorist group, but others call it earth’s natural influence taking root inside of humans during the Spark that ignites their Light of Hope. These others tend to be more sympathetic.

It has the baseline goal of preserving and recovering as much of the natural order of the world as possible, and can be seen (and sometimes is seen) as nature fighting back against the infection it received during the bombardment at the end of the Savior war. Their abilities manifest with a distinct nature flavor, such as using vines and roots to grab foes, or wielding weapons and armor made of rocks and plant matter.

They tend to shun cities, or if they live inside of them, they usually find places in or near parks. Outside of cities, they reside fairly close to known tainted spots, working to keep them clean and free from further infection. They work closely with Greenpeace, Green Dreams, and other environmentally-friendly organizations, though their methods can be a little extreme. Human constructs are hardly natural, and they’re quick to remind people of that. Industrial complexes don’t create Shadowlands rifts, but they don’t discourage them either.

Much of their negative publicity comes from alleged sabotaging industrialization of the world following the invasion. They tend to discourage expanding borders and protest corporate expansion into previously untouched areas, especially those that have been tainted by the bombardment. Though nothing illegal has been proven to be linked to them, the coincidences have started to pile up.

Ring Coalition

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