The following are universal terms and terminologies, and are easily understood across all cultures.

Savior – one of those that carry the Light of Hope. Powerful, courageous, and gifted with extraordinary magical abilities, these champions and guardians of humanity carry the hopes and dreams of the world on their shoulders.

Light of Hope – the source of a Savior’s power. It infuses a Savior’s very being, right down to their DNA. Any and all scientific explanations to define it have failed, as it is seemingly not detectable or measurable by any scientific instrument. Saviors interviewed have claimed that it seems intrinsically linked to their soul or some unique attribute that makes them them. It is a part of their core identity, and if it were to somehow be removed or extinguished, they would not be the person they truly are.

The Spark – what initially ignites the Light of Hope within a Savior. It is some kind of event that causes them to transform for the first time and assume their new role in life.

Ember – colloquialism for a potential Savior. Some people begin to show evidence of a not-yet-lit Light within them, and it is these traits that new Saviors are always on the look for.

Scar – a fragile place in the dimensional wall that separates Earth Prime from the Shadowlands. If ignored for long enough, or agitated from either side, it can turn into a full-blown Wound.

Wound – a rift in the dimensional wall that allows things to cross between Earth Prime and the Shadowlands. Many of them are fairly small, no more than 3 or 4 feet in diameter. The largest known was well over 60 feet in diameter, though large ones are mercifully rare.

Dreamkeepers – the alien race that invaded and attempted to conquer Earth. The appearance and efforts of the Saviors drove them off, but they have sworn to return eventually and finish the job.

Sidekick – the direct handler of a contracted Savior within a company. They are equivalent to an agent for an actor or writer, and are in contact with the Savior when the Savior is out on the job (if not present with them).

Artifact – a concentrated piece of Savior magic, encapsulated in an object. It allows a Savior who wields it access to abilities they might not otherwise have.


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