Light of Hope

The Light Of Hope is the magical source of a Savior’s power. Seemingly dormant inside the human body, it will emerge during a Spark in a bright flare, transforming the human into their true form as a Savior.

When asked by scientists, Saviors have stated that the Light Of Hope seems to come from their souls, and is powered by their souls. They say that this knowledge is “instinctual”, and that they just seem to “know” how to use the Light for their Savior abilities. Attempts to scientifically track down and label the Light have lead to the conclusion that it is another form of energy, but one that can be very easily and handily transferred into any other type of energy, depending on the desired effect.

The Light does not seem to have any single source of production inside the tangible human body. Indeed, when in their Aflame state, a Savior’s body is effused with the magic, it being as much a part of them as blood.

While it can never be fully extinguished after the Spark, the Light’s power can be diminished by active, constant use to fuel abilities. Rest can allow the Light to grow, as do acts that would strengthen a human soul – charity, selfless works, kindness, and so on. Fittingly enough, the Light Of Hope is always strengthened by those acts that inspire another individual (or the Savior) with more hope, or into action.

Light of Hope

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