Not every Savior is (or wants to be) beholden to a company. Perhaps they don’t need the support, or they find they work best alone, or are simply too unstable to really work within a corporate structure, or don’t want the hassle of public appearances and upkeep.

If that is the case, they are lumped into the group of Saviors known as the Freelance Suits. These are groups of Saviors that, while far from organized, are generally like-minded in their ideas and methods of the fight.

Given the more vigilante-like actions of Freelancers, they are generally frowned upon by the populace and governments, though many have gained a dedicated cult following.

In general, these groups are able to provide communication and background support, but rarely more than that. Friends and support groups are nice, but they don’t pay the bills. Then again, these freelancer groups will rarely demand any certain actions of behaviors of the Savior, and may even be able to link them up with others who can help support them. On rare occasions, companies have scouted the Freelance groups, looking for talented individuals ready to make the lead to corporate sponsorship.

The freelance suits are:

Wandering Knights – A group of Saviors that have allied under a common banner that all things can and should be saved. They are widely spread and just as widely skilled, accepting any Savior that wishes to join their ranks and adding them to a central database to help connect and aid other Saviors. Their primary asset is the sheer number of Saviors they are able to contact and link up, forming on-the-fly task forces and groups to deal with nearly any situation.
Tumblr Saviors – An alliance of Saviors all over the globe, linked through the power of social media. Forming an online community, TS provides emotional support and what resources they can to any Savior who needs them. Their crowning achievement is no doubt the organization and execution of SaviorCon, a yearly event attended by well over 150,000 people from around the world.
The Power Of Babel – This group of Saviors and allies have dedicated their lives to creating a record of the Saviors and the fight of Earth Prime. They are the unofficial librarians and chroniclers, able to provide both sides of the story into a knowledge bank over as many mediums as they can afford. It is unknown just how they get all of their information, and they are suspiciously well-informed.
Ring Coalition – An odd blend of Saviors that are focused specifically on purging the earth of impurities from the Dreamseekers. They are more nature themed than other Saviors, and some will even exclusively live in the wild. Their abilities, though powered by the same Light of Hope that burns within all Saviors, are often radically different in appearance and sometimes function. They have been likened to the Savior equivalent of Greenpeace, though their determination to rid the earth of Dreamseeker influence has occasionally strayed past acceptable boundaries.
Zero Degrees – A research group dedicated to ending the mysteries of the Saviors and Dreamseekers, solving problems with unorthodox methods, and ensuring a free flow of critical information for all. Many consider them to be a hacktivist group, and their reputation of coming up with completely out-of-the-box ideas is their defining attribute – ideas that are sometimes shown to be true.
Black Wind – Not all Saviors are lucky enough to have a peaceful or inspiring Spark. Some of them are more violent. A rare few are true bloodbaths. The occasional Savior will feel rage, not hope, at the time of their Spark. It is to those that the Black Wind calls. Often acting solo, a single sighting of a known Black Wind member is enough to cause a stir within a local Savior community, and those that have worked with them have professed to their undeniable effectiveness in fighting Shadowland denizens.
Soulbound – To know your enemy, you must become your enemy. No corporation allows a Savior to become tainted or seen using the powers of the Dreamseekers – but a few have found that the benefits are worth the loss of self. Those that use the forbidden abilities are known as the Soulbound, shunned by the Savior community at large but sometimes necessary in their application for dealing with the Shadowlands and the creatures therein.
Wild Cards – Saviors are by no means forced to join a company. Many do for the prestige or financial support, but some of them are rich enough or proud enough to not want to be tied down to some corporate interest. Those who eschew a company or group are known as Wild Cards, and they are as many and varied as the name suggests.


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