In the 1970s, aliens invaded to steal the literal souls of humanity. A new class of humans known as the Saviors fought them off. After the world rebuilt, the Saviors were still needed to fight the remnants of the invasion that the aliens had left behind.

Finding a need to organize, the Royal Suits were created. These seven massive groups-turned-companies capitalized on the Saviors, turning them from paragons of humanity into bona fide celebrities. TV shows, licensed gear, drinks, breakfast cereals, comics, you name it, they make it. The profits from the work went to supporting the Saviors and paying for the damages caused by their activities.

Today, the business of being a Savior is very much a business, but they must still remain true to their core duties: Fight despair. Protect humanity. Keep hope alive.

Oh, and don’t forget to smile for the cameras.

Mahou Shoujo, Inc